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Lola the Body Cambodian - TheCloset17

Lola the Body Cambodian

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"Lola The Body" is Texture and Ease wrapped in a bundle of Love. This low luster Raw Cambodian hair is so easy to maintain. She's thick, soft and juicy all at the same time. Curls/Wand Curls and Braid Outs are just a few of the many styles that can be achieved with this hair. Buy her now and thank me later!!!

(if you have an Appointment with us, you can opt to have your C17 Extensions stay at the salon until your appointment!  If you choose to do so, use the drop down menu and select "Please Keep At Salon" Please allow 5 to 8 business days for hair shipment.  ( Friday counts as the weekend)


Processed? No

Can it hold the pattern well? Yes. 

Can it be dyed/bleached/straightened? Yes. 

Coarse? A little, but smooth. 

Shedding or tangling? Very little, to No shedding 

Lasts? Over 2 years with proper care.

is the price for 1 bundle? Yes 


Product Recommendation : Tresemme  products